The Kransky Sisters

In a quiet town in the middle of south east Queensland lives a huddle of strange sisters whom, in between tending ants, knitting egg warmers, and hanging out cane toad skins to dry, travel around the country performing their popular musical shows to a growing following. This oddball musical trio marry curious real life stories with a host of uniquely homemade arrangements of popular songs gleaned from their old wireless in a highly entertaining event.


With kitchen pot, toilet brush, keyboard, musical saw, tuba, guitar and duelling tambourines these three weird yet endearing spinsters present offbeat covers of songs ranging from Nana Mouskouri and Eurythmics to Talking Heads and The Bee Gees.


The combination of the Sisters’ sheltered view of the world seen through their superbly droll comic dialogue, and alluring musical sound makes this night out with your strange old aunts an unforgettable experience.


The Kransky Sisters were regular guests on television including SBS’s In Siberia Tonight and ABC’s The Side Show and Spicks and Specks and BBC’s Comedy Shuffle.


During the 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic, when all touring was cancelled, The Kransky Sisters developed a fun little home-baked Youtube mini-series called Isolation Bake. A special thanks to their friends with a phone/camera. 


In December 2021 hope to return to Brisbane for their Christmas show... and in 2022 be part of the Winter ComFest in Adelaide. Keep an eye on the tour page.


They are winners of several Awards including:

  • Double Nominee - Greenroom Awards 2016
  • Winner - Sydney Theatre Awards - Best Cabaret Production 2008
  • Winner - Bank Of Scotland Herald Angel Award for Excellence - Edinburgh Festival 2006
  • Winner - Australian Entertainment Mo Awards – Best Comedy Group 2005
  • Winner - Greenroom Awards - Best Cabaret Ensemble 2005
  • Winner - Melbourne Airport Best Newcomers' Award - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2004
  • Winner - The Age Critics' Award 2004
  • Nominee - Barry Award - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2004
  • Triple Nominee - Green Room Awards 2004 – Best Cabaret Ensemble; Musical Arrangements; Most Outstanding Show


The Kransky Sisters are currently touring their newest concert/show - A Cracker Kransky Christmas. Other hugely successful concert shows have been - A Very Kransky Christmas; Piece of Cake; Heard it on the Wireless; A Concert… Yes; We Don’t Have Husbands; and also Tunes From The Tube (with Topology).


The Kransky Sisters feature the enigmatic talents of Annie Lee, Christine Johnston and Carol Johns, as Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky.


During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, when all tours were cancelled, The Kransky Sisters put together a fun tiny Youtube 5 part mini-series called Isolation Bake. A special thanks to their friends with a phone/camera.

Start watching Isolation Bake here.



The Kransky Sisters' Concert Shows include:

The Kransky Sisters - Assorted Nuts



Watch out! Here they come! The musical sisters from Esk are turning the hubcaps on the highway and bringing a delightful mix of their nutty stories and songs to town! Venturing out from the secret laden walls of the sisters’ secluded home, this strange and endearing trio is an experience not to be missed.  With stories of their misfit adventures paired with famous songs gleaned from the old wireless at home, these three eccentric sisters are set to serve up a real treat. From Abba to Daft Punk, Sia to Steppenwolf, Pink to Pink Floyd, get ready to hear well-known tunes like you’ve never heard them before!  With their peculiar spin on popular songs played on an eclectic mix of instruments including musical saw, tuba, old reed keyboard, and kitchen pots, these oddball Queensland Sisters will leave you wanting more. 



A Cracker Kransky Christmas


Pack your mince pies and Christmas spirits – The Kransky Sisters are bringing the party back to town!

Travelling down in the trusty Morris from their hometown of Esk, the sisters are eager to share their unravelling stories and fresh spun songs, deftly banged out on their wondrously odd-ball menagerie of instruments.

From Britney Spears to Spice GirlsM to AC/DC, and carols like you’ve never heard them before, a night with this delightfully twisted trio will more than fill your Christmas stockings.

Lost love, home remedies, an old radio, and scrub turkeys, …the sisters share with you their adventures and misadventures alike. Complete with Tuba, toilet brush, pot, shaker and saw, reed keyboard and old guitar, this off-the-wall Christmas experience is not to be missed.

A Very Kransky Christmas

Cloistered in the old rickety family house in their home town of Esk in Queensland the musical Sisters traditional Christmas festivities have until now been shrouded in secrecy. For this very special reason they're about to let you into their world of eggnog, pantyhose and painted chokos. From Enya to Silent Night, Daft Punk to the Twelve Days of Christmas, these dysfunctional sisters take family get-togethers to a new level. With their unusual array of instruments from cheese graters to toilet brush, tuba to musical saw, settle in for what could be your kookiest Christmas party ever!



Tunes From The Tube

(Topology and The Kransky Sisters)


Enjoy a popcorn-fuelled DVD marathon? Then you'll know how The Kransky Sisters feel when they discover the lure of television thanks to Topology.

Have The Kransky Sisters developed square eyes and a new obsession? When the Sisters invited acclaimed ensemble Topology into their home for rehearsal, little did they know that Topology would bring their sleeping bags, tv set and movie collection. Watch as they combine forces to bring you unique versions of some of the world’s most-loved scores and songs.



Piece Of Cake

Watch out! The Kransky Sisters are bringing their brand new-baked show to town! From Abba to Pink Floyd and Beyonce to AC/DC, these three eccentric sisters with their eclectic mix of instruments including musical saw, tuba, old reed keyboard, and kitchen pots, have cooked up a very special sweet and sour serving of well known songs gleaned from their old wireless at home. Add to this, a spicy lot of stories from the Sisters’ travels, and you have the icing on the cake. Hot out of the oven, these oddball Queensland Sisters reminiscent of your old aunties, will leave you wanting seconds!



Topology and The Kransky Sisters

Music ensemble Topology need a tuba player for their upcoming concert. They had seen Dawn Kransky play, and ask her if she would perform with them. Dawn makes herself available for the concert, arranging to take leave of her job as trolley librarian at the Esk Hospital and also the music rehearsals with her older sisters. Mourne Kransky insists that she and Eve chaperone Dawn to this new collusion in order to ensure nothing un-toward is played by this music ensemble Topology. A musical treat!!



Three Bags Full

Having returned to Australia from their tour of the wilds of Europe, where shoes are made of wood and roads are on the wrong side, Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky boil up a simmering mix of music, song and stories about their naive take on travels throughout England and Europe. During this concert they cover songs from Grace Jones and The Bee Gees to Devo, AC/DC and the Steve Miller Band.



Heard It On The Wireless

If you think you’ve heard it on the wireless, you’ve never heard it like this! Covering songs from Nana Mouskouri, Eurythmics and Talking Heads to Michael Jackson and AC/DC, The Kransky Sisters share stories of their home-life and travels throughout the deserts, cities and countryside of Australia.






A Concert... yes



We Don't Have Husbands